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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


VATICAN CITY, 12 APR 2011 (VIS) - The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments has issued a decree establishing that the celebration of the memorial of Blessed John Paul II be inserted into the calendar of the diocese of Rome and the dioceses of Poland, and that it be celebrated every year.

  The text, signed by cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera and archbishop Giuseppe Agostino Di Noia, O.P., respectively prefect and secretary of the dicastery, states that "during the year following the beatification of John Paul II, that is, until 1 May 2012, A a Mass of Thanksgiving to God may be celebrated in certain places and on certain days. Responsibility for establishing the day or days, as well as the place or places of the gathering of the people of God, shall be the competence of the diocesan bishop for his diocese. Considering local needs and pastoral conveniences, it is granted that a Holy Mass be celebrated in honour of the new blessed on a Sunday during the year, and on a day between Nos. 10 and 13 of the table of liturgical days.

  "For religious families, it shall be the competence of the superior general to indicate the days and locations (for the Thanksgiving Mass) for the entire religious family".

  On the other hand, the decree continues, "with regard to other local calendars, the request to place an optional memorial to Blessed John Paul II may be presented to this congregation by a conference of bishops for its territory, by the diocesan bishop for his diocese, or by a superior general for a religious family".

  "An indult of the Apostolic See is required to dedicate a church in honour of Blessed John Paul II (cf. Ordo dedicationis ecclesiae, Praenotanda, No. 4) except when his liturgical memorial has been inserted into the local calendar; in this case the indult is not necessary, and in the church dedicated to the blessed, the memorial is raised to a liturgical feast (cf. Congregatio de Cultu Divino et Disciplina Sacramentorum, Notificatio de cultu Beatorum, 21 May 1999, No.9)."
CCD/                                VIS 20110412 (360)


  1. This is a mistake! Don't do it!


  2. With all due respect, I ask how this can be done--and so quickly--when there are so many reasons not to proceed with this.

  3. While I've no doubt that Our Lord graciously received John Paul II into heaven - a saint- I do have serious doubts about the move to official label him Saint and hold him up as a heroic Pope to be emulated. He left behind heaps of scandal, impiety and impropriety as well as a very confused and misled faithful. If I can see that in my limited travels then I refuse to believe the Pope was so insulated he could not see it. You don't keep the same MC for 22 years if youre not OK with his liturgical wranglings. It was his Job to see the the leadership of the people of the God. He was only moderately successful. He beat down no scandal - he produced them.

  4. This stunt has nothing to do with the alleged sanctitity of JP2 and every thing to do with elderly liberals in the Vatican wanting to canonise Vat2. They tried the same stunt with Paul VI but it backfired.

    Graham Moorhouse

  5. I concur with Kindred Spirit. I would add than while this man was the shepard of the church thousands of innocent altar boys were molested, one of his first official acts as Pope was to have an in-ground pool installed at the summer residence (the Vatican joke was that it was cheaper than a new Conclave), he took 25 anonymous ski trips during his pontificate, as a young priest he traveled in Europe with young girls who called him "uncle" to hide the fact that this was inappropriate behavior, (these latter items come from his official biography), Bono (the rock singer) was quoted as saying JP II was the best front man the Vatican ever had, there is a nightclub/bar named after him in the Vatican Crypts, he was responsible for "Catholic Woodstock" (officially called world youth conference). What part of all of these acts are those of a saint.?"

  6. And just what will the Remnant and others do should the beatification be accomplished?

    Will they submit their judgement to that of the Church?

  7. This is a huge scandal. The unseemly haste with which this beatification is being pursued, is outrageous. Many of us will not be able, in conscience, to recognise this pope as raised to the altar.

  8. John Paul II deserves to be a Saint. Bless his generous memory.

  9. IF JP2 is a saint, then I'm a Doctor of the Church!

  10. The strange thing about the Remnant article is that despite all the JPII outrages they list, they
    still regard him as a valid pope! I guess when
    Benedict dies, the Remnant will issue another such
    statement of reservations if there is any attempt
    to beatify HIM, too. Sometimes it's hard to know
    whether to laugh or cry at the Novus Ordo nonsense.

  11. Let's also not forget that the Abbe de Nantes called JPII the "red Pope" soon after he was elected. "Red" as in communist.

    I am afraid that yet more tribulations will be visited upon the Church as a result of this sacrilege. How many times can Peter deny Christ??

  12. Jack:

    I don't speak for the Remnant, but I will certainly submit my intellect and will to the judgement of the Church.

    In the meantime I will redouble my efforts to prevent this unseemly rush job.

    The catastrophe which has devastated the vineyard cannot be ignored in a case such as this one.

    Let us take a few decades, or centuries if needed, to assess the outcome of this Papacy.

    No need to rush.

  13. "And just what will the Remnant and others do should the beatification be accomplished?

    Will they submit their judgement to that of the Church?"

    Of course we will. We are loyal children of Holy Mother Church.

    However, let's put this into perspective. This VIS notice goes to pains to distinguish a beatification from a canonization. I suspect that the beatification is an appeasement to a substantial group of people in the Church who want JPII to be canonized. However, that can only happen if there are more miracles. Given the nature of the first, it's doubtful there will be any more. Thus, the cause for his canonization will stagnate the same as Blessed John XXIII's did, and at the same time the neo-conservative Catholics will have been appeased and retained.

    This former point is very important as the Vatican commission that is investigating Medjugorje will soon be releasing their findings, and those will no doubt send the same neo-conservative Catholics into a tail spin. You have to remember that the Holy Father has to walk a tight rope. He knows full well that the majority of neo-conservative Catholics like things just as they are, and a move toward authentic, traditional Catholicism will drive them away in mass. They have to be appeased, coddled like little children, given a spoonful of sugar with the medicine, and the medicine coming regarding Medjugorje will be bitter to these neo-conservative Catholics.

  14. Scandalous, at best, due to his actions and Modernist approach to all things Catholic -- lest we forget his "blind eye" towards Maciel's misdeeds! JPII was highly educated; he knew better - yet, he chose to pander to sin, sacrilege, and human respect throughout his Pontificate, all the while promoting and basking in his public popularity status, Medjugorje's at-best scandal, inter-faith, and "The Jewish Question" no longer a question, but anielated from Catholic Teaching; but applied by re-writing scripture through sanitizing their error of rejecting and killing Christ. More and more thngs too numerous for this small comment box...

    I pray for his soul every day; people who canonize him do him a potentially great dis-service by leaving his soul without the necessary prayers he may more than likely need! This is certainly agenda to push the Modernist Movement of VII.

    "To restore all things in Christ." - Pope St. Pius X. --- is what we all must pray for and unite to achieve, rather than divide ourselves further over the mess that these modernist popes have foisted upon us. Divide and conquer - they have certainly achieved this.

    Call us neo-cons, extremists, ultra-Traditionalists, whatever: 'sticks and stones'. We must restore Catholicism and stop biting at each other like dogs tossed a bone -- it is about souls; not preferences.

  15. "What will Remnant do..." if JPII is declared a Saint ... Can't speak for Remnant but I can speak for myself. I won't hold any special devotion to that particular Saint. What most Catholics don't understand is that every act of what you loosely call "the Vatican" is not binding on Catholics. We are certainly not required to have a personal devotion to any particular Saint.

    However Priests ARE required to observe the Rubrics of the MASS!

  16. Along with this and then and then Assisi what is next? Kissing the koran by Benedict XVI?

  17. Suffices to say that our late pope acted as a truly Liberal in all spheres of his office, the Liturgy was totally a disfigured by the silence admission of JPII; women in the altar, Eucharistic in the hand, women ministers, and the list may go on…finally, it appears that JPII was a Jew by his mother’s side. I brought this issue do it his frequent visits to the synagogues and his insulting act against Catholics when he when to the Wall of the Laments asking forgiveness to the Jews for the wrong doings of the Church. By doing this scandalous act he put in doubt the papacy of the last 263 popes, implying being culpable of inflicting wrong to the Jews. I do not see how the late people deserve being beatified.

  18. Rodolfo, that's a pretty high recommendation, saying JPII was a Jew. So was JESUS!


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