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Friday, July 18, 2003


VATICAN CITY, JUL 18, 2003 (VIS) - The Holy Father appointed:

- Msgr. Antonio Arcari, nunciature counsellor, as apostolic nuncio in Honduras, at the same time elevating him to the title of archbishop. The archbishop-elect was born in Brescia, Italy in 1953 and was ordained a priest in 1977.

- Bishop Georges Haddad, S.M.S.P, apostolic exarch for the Greek-Melkite Catholics residing in Argentina and apostolic administrator "sede plena ed ad nutum Sanctae Sedis" of the archieparchy of Akka (Catholics 66,335, priests 29, religious 51, permanent deacons 3), Israel as apostolic administrator "sede vacante et ad nutum Sanctae Sedis" of the Catholic Greek-Melkite archieparchy of Akka.

- Msgr. Claudio Maniago, vicar general of the archdiocese of Florence, Italy, as auxiliary bishop of the same archdiocese (area 2,205, population 865,259, Catholic 811,547, priests 660, permanent deacons 52, religious 2318). The bishop-elect was born in 1959 in Florence and was ordained a priest in 1984.

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VATICAN CITY, JUL 18, 2003 (VIS) - The theme chosen by Pope John Paul for the January 1, 2004 World Day of Peace is "International Law, A Path for Peace," according to a communique released yesterday afternoon.

The communique states that this theme "hopes to underline the importance of law as a guarantee of international relations aimed at promoting peace among nations. The recent war in Iraq, in fact, showed all the fragility of international law, especially regarding the functioning of the United Nations."

On January 13, 1997, in his annual address to the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See, Pope John Paul expressed his conviction that "International law has been for some time a law of war and peace. I believe it is called ever more to become exclusively a law of peace conceived as a function of justice and solidarity." The basic principles behind this conviction, states the communique, "are the same that inspire the Church's commitment in favor of peace: equality in dignity for every human person and every human community, the unity of the human family, the primacy of law over force."

"Humanity is facing a crucial challenge: if it does not succeed in providing really efficacious institutions to avert the scourge of war, the risk is that the law of force will prevail over the force of law. ... At a world level, international law is called to be an instrument of justice that is capable of producing fruits of peace. The law therefore has the duty of harmoniously regulating international realities ... so that conflicts may be prevented without recourse to arms, but rather through mechanisms and structures able to assure justice, removing the causes of potential conflicts."

The statement concludes: "The world today more than ever needs to live in a renewed and authentic spirit of international legitimacy: the next World Day of Peace intends to offer the Church's contribution in this regard."

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VATICAN CITY, JUL 18 2003 (VIS) - In recent weeks the following prelates died:

- Cardinal Ignacio Antonio Velasco Garcia, S.D.B., archbishop of Caracas, Venezuela on July 6 at age 74.

- Archbishop Gaetano Alibrandi, apostolic nuncio emeritus, on July 3 at age 89.

- Bishop Roman Andrzejewski, auxiliary of Wloclawek, Poland on July 7 at age 65.

- Bishop Johannes Ludgerus Bonaventure Brenninkmeijer, O.P., of Kroonstad, South Africa on July 2 at age 72.

- Patriarch Raphael I Bidawid of Babylon of the Chaldeans, Iraq on July 7 at age 81.

- Bishop Antonio Y. Fortich, emeritus of Bacolod, the Philippines on July 2 at age 89.

- Bishop Ciril Kos, emeritus of Djakovo i Srijem, Croatia on July 6 at age 83.

- Bishop John Robert Roach, emeritus of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, U.S.A., on July 11 at age 81.

- Archbishop Dino Trabalzini, emeritus of Cosenza-Bisignano, Italy on July 14 at age 80.

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