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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


VATICAN CITY, 17 MAY 2011 (VIS) - Pope Benedict XVI will make an apostolic visit to Croatia from 4 to 5 June for the celebrations of the National Croatian Catholic Families Day. For this occasion, statistics have been compiled concerning the Catholic Church in that country. The information, updated to 31 December 2009, comes from the Central Statistical Office of the Church.

  Croatia, whose capital is Zagreb, has a population of 4,429,000, of whom 3,981,000 (89.88%) are Catholic. There are 17 ecclesiastical circumscriptions and 1,598 parishes. There are currently 25 bishops, 2,343 priests, 3,711 religious, 44 lay members of secular institutes, and 1,912 catechists. Minor seminarians number 149 and major seminarians 438.

  A total of 13,362 students attend the 41 centers of Catholic education, from kindergartens to university. Other charitable and social organizations belonging to the Church or run by priests or religious in Croatia include: 1 hospital, 30 homes for the elderly or disabled, 53 orphanages and nurseries, 14 family counseling and other pro-life centers, 16 centers for social education or rehabilitation, and 6 institutions of other kinds.
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VATICAN CITY, 17 MAY 2011 (VIS) - The Holy Father is scheduled to meet with Archbishop Fernando Filoni, prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, in an audience this afternoon.
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VATICAN CITY, 17 MAY 2011 (VIS) - Today the Holy Father:

- accepted the resignation of Bishop Joaquim Goncalves from the pastoral care of the Diocese of Vila Real, upon having reached the age limit. Bishop Amandio Jose Tomas,  previously coadjutor of the same diocese, succeeds him.

- appointed Bishop Robert Daniel Conlon, of Steubenville, as bishop of Joliet in Illinois (area 10,920, population 1,904,000, Catholics 655,415, priests 283, permanent deacons 209, religious 669), USA.
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VATICAN CITY, 17 MAY 2011 (VIS) - The following prelates died in recent weeks:

- Cardinal Vicente Garcia-Gasco, archbishop emeritus of Valencia, Spain, on 1 May at the age of 80.

- Bishop Luigi Del Gallo Roccagiovine, on 12 May at the age of 88.

- Archbishop Gheorghe Gutiu, bishop emeritus of Cluj-Gherla of the Romanians, Romania on 8 May at the age of 87.

- Archbishop Jacques Georges Habib Hafouri, emeritus of Hassake-Nisibi of the Syrians, Syria, on 4 May at the age of 94.

- Archbishop Albert Kanene Obiefuna, emeritus of Onitsha, Nigeria, on 11 May at the age of 81.
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