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Wednesday, February 8, 2006


VATICAN CITY, FEB 8, 2006 (VIS) - The Holy Father: appointed Bishop Dominique Marie Jean Denis You, currently auxiliary Bishop of  Sao Salvador da Bahia, as Bishop of the Diocese of Santissima Conceicao do Araguaia (area 52,500, population 270,000, Catholics 200,000, priests 15, religious 8), Brazil.
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VATICAN CITY, FEB 8, 2006 (VIS) - According to information received today in a communique from the Governate of Vatican City State, on February 10th, a new door will be opened on the north side of the Vatican walls that connect with Rome.

 The door will serve the exclusive function of an exit for pedestrians and cars from the Saint Rose parking lot, and will alleviate automobile traffic inside the Vatican, which up until now, has only been accessible through the Saint Anne door.

  In the same location, in the year 1929 under the pontificate of Pope Pius XI, the door was opened for the construction of the "Vatican industrial zone." This was also the year of the Lateran Pacts between the Holy See and Italy. The door however was later closed.
  After more than 75 years, the door, now covered in bronze and completed by sculptor Gino Giannetti will once again be opened, this time permanently, and will be bear the Vatican City's coat of arms with the insignia of the current Pope and the inscription "Benedictus XVI Pont.Max. Anno Domini MMV Pont.I."
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VATICAN CITY, FEB 8, 2006 (VIS) - At the end of today's General Audience, Pope Benedict XVI remembered Father Andrea Santoro, the Italian priest assassinated while praying after having celebrated mass last Sunday in Trabzon, Turkey.

  The Holy Father prayed that "sacrifice of his life may contribute to dialogue between religions and to peace among people." After a long applause from the 8,000 present in the Paul VI Hall, the Holy Father added: "May the Lord take the soul of this silent and brave servant of the Gospel."

  Pope Benedict XVI revealed that just yesterday there arrived "a precious letter" of Father Andrea, written on January 31, together with the small Christian community of Saint Mary's Parish. "It is an emotional testimony of love and adherence to Christ and His Church. But, above all, it is a mirror of his priestly soul and reflects his concern for the children."

  In addition to the letter from Father Andrea, the Pope said that he had received another letter from the women of Saint Mary's inviting him to visit the parish. This letter, he concluded, is a witness "of devotion and love for Christ."


VATICAN CITY, FEB 8, 2006 (VIS) - In Wednesday's General Audience, celebrated in the Paul VI Hall, Pope Benedict XVI commented on the second part of Psalm 144, "Thy kingdom is an everlasting kingdom."

  The psalmist focuses his attention, said the Holy Father, "on the love that the Lord reserves, in a special way, for the poor and weak. This Divine royalty is not arrogant or haughty, as can sometimes happen with the exercise of human power. God expresses His royalty by inclining before the most fragile and defenseless of creatures."

  "God is, above all else, a Father who sustains those who are about to fall and lifts back up again those who have fallen in the dust of humiliation. Living beings are directed therefore to the Lord, as hungry beggars, and as a loving Father He offers the necessary nourishment to live."

  Pope Benedict XVI said that the psalmist "invokes" the Lord with a trusting prayer, he searches for the Lord "with a sincere heart," "fear" for his God, respecting His will and obedient to His word, but above all, he "loves the Lord with the confidence of being brought under the mantle of His protection and intimacy."

  "The last word of the psalmist is the same as that with which he opened his hymn: it is an invitation to praise and bless the Lord and His name, that is to say, His living and holy Person who works and saves, both in the world and in history...it is the type of timeless song that should raise from earth to heaven, it is the communal celebration of the universal love of God, source of peace, joy and salvation."

  At the end of the catechesis, the Holy Father recalled the ascetic Barsanufio de Gaza, who died in the middle of the sixth century. De Gaza advised a disciple facing temptations to ask for the Lord's assistance, with the confidence that He would listen. "This is valuable for us also" the Holy Father explained in an impromptu style, "before our difficulties and problems, we should invoke the Lord, asking for His help, with the certainty that He will hear us, without becoming discouraged, knowing that in this way, we will reach the goal: Jesus, the Lord."
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