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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


VATICAN CITY, 27 OCT 2010 (VIS) - Holy See Press Office Director Fr. Federico Lombardi S.J. released the following declaration yesterday afternoon:

  "The Catholic Church's position on the death penalty is well known. It is hoped, therefore, that the sentence against Tariq Aziz will not be implemented, precisely in order to favour reconciliation and the reconstruction of peace and justice in Iraq after the great sufferings the country has experienced. As concerns the possibility of a humanitarian intervention, the Holy See is not accustomed to operate publicly but through the diplomatic channels at its disposal".
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1 comment:

  1. My Open Letter To Pope Benedict XVI: Dar Pope, Sir, I do not like your laughing and smiling, as you talk, about the Shoah! Shame on you!

    Wipe that smirk, off your face! Jesus had a Jewish Mother! She bridged the Gap between Jewish Laws and Catholic Laws.

    You might want to start up a "dialogue" with her, too. You're going to need it. You probably pissed off the Blessed Mother, with this You Tube Video, too, along with countless Jews.

    I'm Catholic. I'm not a stupid one! Sincerely, Dixie Meyers, Kalamazoo, MI USA

    Post Script: Swallow your pride, and apologize to the Jews, for your obvious, slights. All the words in the world will be cancelled out, if you send a mixed message, with your nonverbal communications, that say the opposite of what your words, say. Be good! Examine your conscience. Repent, do penance, talk to Our Lady, and then apologize swiftly for the untenable way the Middle Eastern Bishop's Synod went. CONSIDER ME: Your Saint Catherine of Siena...who chided the Popes to go back to Italy, and be good! I am taking issue with you on this. Your recent Synod, was a slap in the face of Jews. By choosing sides, you are already partial to one side. Shame on you! You must be fair and balanced.


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