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Friday, December 19, 2008


VATICAN CITY, 19 DEC 2008 (VIS) - This morning in the Vatican the Holy Father received the Letters of Credence of Graziano Luigi Triboldi, the new ambassador of the Seychelles to the Holy See.

  "When speaking of your country", the Pope said, "its beauty and the many resources it possesses are always to be recalled. To increase your potentials you have made important efforts to reduce the lack of education. In an often difficult world context, I am pleased to note your initiatives, which should count on the support of international institutions".

  In this context the Holy Father referred to the responsibility toward future generations and emphasized that it would be "unjust if the human beings of our age were to shirk their obligations and thus bring the weight of their decisions or their inaction onto the generations to come. This is not just in regard to stabilizing the economy, therefore, but above all means facing the questions of social justice. On the other hand, stabilizing national finances also offers a safer setting for economic activity and therefore protects the poorest and most vulnerable populations".

  "This commendable objective", he continued, "requires the cooperation of all and the duty of solidarity is elemental in achieving it. We recognize that social stability is tied not only to a just form of legislation but also to the moral quality of each individual". The Holy Father insisted that "educating the youth is the best path to ensure a lasting sense of solidarity" and once more praised "the efforts of your country to establish an educational system of quality" inviting all, "whatever their level of responsibility, to follow this path and to sow generously for the future".

  "Nevertheless", he added, "this interest for education would be useless if the institution of the family were too fragile. Families constantly need the help and support of political powers. There is a profound harmony between the duties of the family and those of the State. Encouraging synergy between the two means to work effectively for a future of peace and prosperity".

  "The local Church spares no effort to help families, supporting them with the light of the Gospel that brings out all the grandeur and beauty of the 'mystery' of the family, and helping them to assume their educational responsibilities".

  Finally, Benedict XVI greeted the Catholics of the Seychelles, inviting them to "build, together with your fellow citizens, a society in which each can find the path of personal and collective growth".
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