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Friday, May 20, 2005


VATICAN CITY, MAY 20, 2005 (VIS) - This morning, the Holy Father received students of the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy, accompanied by their president, Archbishop Justo Mullor, calling on them to use their formative years to reinforce their "sensus Ecclesiae," so as to take on "an ecclesial form in your entire personality, in your minds and in your hearts."

  Benedict XVI called on the future pontifical diplomatic representatives to cultivate "the two constitutive and complementary dimensions of the Church: communion and mission, unity and evangelical passion."

  "While you are in the academy," said the Pope, "seek to become fully 'Roman' in an ecclesial sense, in other words, sure and faithful in your adherence to the Magisterium and to the pastoral guidance of Peter's Successor. At the same time, cultivate missionary zeal, with eagerness to cooperate in spreading the Gospel to the farthest confines of the world."

  The Holy Father pointed out that, in order to adequately undertake their roles, the students need "a firm cultural formation, including knowledge of languages, history and law, with a judicious openness to different cultures." He also stressed the need for them to have, as "the fundamental goal of your lives, holiness and salvation of the souls you will meet on your journey. To this end, tirelessly seek to be exemplary priests, animated by constant and intense prayer, cultivating intimacy with Christ. Be priests according to Christ's heart and you will carry our your ministry with success and apostolic fruits. Never allow yourselves to be tempted by the logic of career advancement and power."

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