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Monday, September 15, 2003


VATICAN CITY, SEP 13, 2003 (VIS) - Pope John Paul left Bratislava this morning at 9 for the 400 kilometer, one hour flight to Kosice, in eastern Slovakia. He then travelled 65 kilometers to Roznava by car, arriving at approximately 11 a.m. at Podrakos Field, a vast area capable of holding 500,000 people, where he celebrated Mass in honor of St. John Chrysostom, a much-venerated Doctor of the Church often considered a bridge between East and West.

Today's Mass was celebrated in the presence of religious and civil authorities, including the president of Slovakia, and countless faithful from neighboring countries. In particular, the Pope greeted the pilgrims from Hungary in their language.

Then, speaking Slovak, the Holy Father stated that every believer must "be both disciple and apostle: disciple, by humbly listening to the word that saves; apostle by giving passionate witness of a life formed by the Gospel. A Slovak proverb says: 'Words admonish, examples move'. Yes, dear Brothers and Sisters, you too, with the 'style' of your Christian life, can make a great contribution to the evangelisation of today's world and to the construction of a more just and more fraternal society."

"My journey from Bratislava and from Kosice," he remarked, "gave me the opportunity to admire vast cultivated areas, which are a witness to your work and effort. My thoughts go with great sympathy to all who are dedicated to agriculture. ... In the Gospel parable which we have just heard proclaimed, Jesus compares himself to the sower, who sows the seed of His word confidently in the soil of human hearts."
"Let us listen to the explanation of the parable that Jesus himself has given. The seed eaten up by the birds calls to mind the intervention of the Evil One who brings to the heart misunderstanding of God's way which is always the way of the Cross. The seed without roots describes that situation in which the Word is only externally received, without that deep allegiance to Christ and personal love for him, which alone would allow it to be retained. The choked seed symbolizes the worries of the present life, the attraction of power, affluence, pride."

John Paul II pointed out that "the word does not bear fruit automatically, even though it is divine ' and therefore all-powerful ' ; it adapts to the conditions of the soil, or better, it accepts the response that the soil gives, which can also be negative. ... We, Dear Brothers and Sisters, are the soil in which the Lord tirelessly plants the seed of His word and His love. With what attitude do we receive it? How much fruit do we allow it to bring forth?"

The Holy Father closed his homily by saying he entrusted to everyone "the treasure of this word; just like a confident sower who plants in the secret of each heart the 'good news' of the Kingdom. Be the good and fruitful soil which, with the abundance of its produce, comforts the expectations of the Church and of the world."


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